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Our Mission

We provide leadership development workshops, products, and coaching to boost your brand through education, sales & marketing optimization.

What We Offer

Services we offer are customized motivational speaking, in person and online workshops, and coaching workshops for leaders, sales and HR departments.  Our programs have a proven track record of success across all industries. 

Our team has experience across B2B and B2C industries to include; hospitality, retail, tech, automotive, manufacturing, and nutraceuticals. 

We can provide motivational speaking and coaching on a variety of topics based on real-world experiences as business leaders of a combined 50 years. Our credibility and authenticity come from our vast industry experience. We understand your challenges, because we have shared them at some point, and can help you solve and address them.

Our working style is highly creative, fun, and engaging before, during and after your event or workshop. We want our impact to be lasting and sustainable, and we leave you with a roadmap for success. 

 We'll help grow your business through education, sales & marketing optimization to build solid team development and engagement throughout your company.

Customized Marketing Solutions

Belmont Communications Division is headed by Dina Kelley 

Dina's expertise is branding, strategy, design, creation, and delivery of optimal sales and marketing solutions. Her focus is on the end result - market share and revenue - to ensure all sales channels are equipped with the right tools.

Her goal is to give startups and major organizations the maximum ROI for their marketing dollars while delivering the desired top-line results from all sales.


For more information on Dina's background and expertise please click here

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